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  • TURN YOUR HOME INTO A SCIENCE LAB: This kit includes everything you need to get started on building solar-powered land and sea vehicles. Use the 26 pieces to complete 7 renewable energy projects including a boat and bulldozer!
  • OBSERVE SOLAR POWER AT WORK: Create two solar-powered vehicles and explore the science of clean, renewable energy. Kids will learn about the power of the sun while having fun!
  •  EDUCATIONAL AND ENGAGING STEM TOY: Enrich your child’s mind with the interactive challenges of building their own robots! The detailed instructions and variety of building part types will engage children and teach them STEM logic as they put together complex puzzles
  • PLAY & LEARN: At the intersection of inspiration, curiosity, & STEM-based edutainment, our toys help spark your child's imagination & creativity while promoting the development of essential skills.
  •  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Making you a happy customer is our main goal. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours and provide the perfect solution
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING: Design your own mini ecosystem! Plant the chia and ryegrass seeds and mist them with water to bring your terrarium to life!
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR GARDEN YOUR WAY: Craft, plant, water, care for and grow your own personal ecosystem, and then customize your mini world with fun stickers, figurines and more!
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The kit includes everything needed to begin growing your own ecosystem. We provide the seeds, sand, stone, potting mix, water mister, and decorations!
  • EXPLORE OUR TOYS: We have toys for boys & girls of all ages: board games & puzzles, plush toys, easels & art kits, science sets & STEM building kits, remote control cars, boats, drones, robots & more!
  • PLAY & LEARN: At the intersection of inspiration, curiosity, & STEM-based edutainment, our toys help spark the imagination & promote the development of science, technology, engineering & math skills.




  •  PRACTICE YOUR SCIENCE SKILLS WITH FUN EXPERIMENTS: Uncover the hidden magic that’s revealed in the study of science! Chemistry, archaeology, physics—explore all of these subjects and more!
  • 4 EXPERIMENTS IN 1: Conduct four different experiments with the included materials! With this kit your child can make slimy goop, doughy goop, an erupting volcano and dig for gemstones.
  • EDUCATIONAL STEM TOY FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: Engage young minds with a fun toy that makes them think! Why does the baking soda and vinegar create a reaction? Is the goop a liquid or a solid? Find out the answers (and more!) with this fun set.
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING: Discovery #MINDBLOWN products encourage young minds to explore with science, technology, engineering and math through hands-on experiments!
  • GREAT GIFT FOR A BUDDING SCIENTIST: Gift a son, daughter, niece, nephew or friend with an educational STEM toy that will inspire any young Einstein.