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  • Discover a great science kit that is absolutely safe thats make it go BOOM!
  • A collection of 6 original and fun collections of original experiments for all the “crazy” young scientists!
  • Explore and Unearth the wonders of sciences, from Chemistry to even Geology
  • Many exceptional experiments explained by our Cillo, the bacterium professor of the school of Crazy Science.
  • Understand the science behind every experiment with their detailed illustrated manual.
  • Create a Natural environment and observe the development of life.
  • Discover the thrill and excitement of cultivation of life
  • Explore the various ways to cultivate plants and others forms of life.
  • Discover the thrill and excitement of the science behind the cultivation of life
  • Understand the biology of growing plant and other forms of life and through the illustrated booklet
  • Contains a spherical ecosystem with its base, seeds and peat, planting tools
  • Explore two Amazing digging blocks of the prehistoric world.

  • Bring the high-quality skeletons of the two most famous prehistoric predators to light: Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptor.

  • Become a paleontologist! This interactive archeological dig lets kids experience the thrill of discovery!

  • Just like unwrapping a gift, your child will love uncovering these real skeletons of those prehistoric giants!

  • Assemble the skeletons and create a high-quality replica in scale.

  • Lisciani provides children with the best educational toys for children to learn and enjoy!