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  • A kit for aspiring chemists to perform 180 safe and easy experiments.
  • MULTI SCIENCE LAB- Present your aspiring scientist with 99 physics, engineering and chemistry challenges with this comprehensive kit. Prove the laws of physics and discover how lever and gear mechanisms work by building real working machines. Includes 50+ pieces including safety goggles, a 32-page experiment guide and a step-by-step illustrated 14-page assembly manual For ages 8+.
  • SAFE SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT- Let your aspiring young scientist to have fun experimenting with chemical reactions in complete safety as this kit allows them to learn about chemistry and chemical reactions without harming themselves with toxic chemicals.
  • YOUNG SCIENTIST- A proper laboratory for your ambitious young scientist. So many experiments to try out while exploring the world of exact science! Have fun experimenting with chemical reactions in complete safety! Follow the extensive illustrated manual guides your child through all the steps of this game.So many experiments to try out while exploring the world of exact science!
  • DISCOVERY AND REACT -Explore the secrets of science with 50 epic experiment lab! Prove the laws of physics and discover how lever and gear mechanisms work by building real working machines! Observe amazing chemical reactions like a true scientist, science has never been cooler!
  • GREAT FOR STEM LEARNING - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; rather than teach the four methods as separate and individual subjects, STEM consolidates them into a interconnected learning standard based on real-world applications. Each kit is a working model that demonstrates STEM concepts for ages 8 and up.
  • A new expansion kit compatible with the entire Action-Reaction range!
  • Add fun special effects to your circuits and further sharpen your ability to hit the bullseye!
  • Create even more spectacular circuits and jump into the world of physics in a simple and entertaining way!
  • A very exciting scientific box to discover the principles of physics in a fun way!
  • Use the accelerator to propel the balls on the circuit and defy the laws of gravity with the Looping!
  • The manual will guide you step by step to create your first circuits.
  • More than 50 Components
  • A kit for astonishing chemistry experiments! A laboratory for aspiring scientists to create over 180 experiments and discover the secrets of chemistry in total safety.
  •  The kit contains plenty of substances to experiment with astonishing chemical reactionsand recreate incredible effects!
  •  All the experiments are described by means of images accompanied by clear and detailed explanations, and are gathered in an instruction manual that turns chemistry into a super-enjoyable game.
  •  Made in Italy.
  •  A real scientific laboratory to create an organic cosmetics range packed with amazing personalised natural creations.
  •  The kit contains ingredients of organic origin and natural colourants to create lots of beauty-care products: bath foam, shampoo, body cream, soap and hand cream, spray perfumes and scrubs.
  •  To stimulate the passion for scientific experimentation, this kit proposes the application of scientific principles to the beauty-care sector, while adopting an organic-natural approach.
  •  All the proposed experiments are carefully explained in a detailed manual that introduces the user to cosmetic science.
  • A fantastic robot shaped like a jumping frog to have fun and leap into the world of robotics!
  •  A robot to be assembled, with a motor that, if activated, makes the robot actually leap!
  •  The eye of the jumping bot is a gear that, when rotates, makes a fun spiral-shaped optical effect.
  • Discover the secrets of aerodynamics with Mechanics Lab - Aeroplanes and Helicopters!
  • A scientific kit for discovering and experimenting with the mechanics of flight.
  • With 10 models and 200 components to assemble, including: rods for assembling the nacelles, panels, propellers, cogs, pulleys and universal joints.
  • The illustrated manual will show your child how to assemble the various models... for endless hours of fun!
  • An incredible scientific kit to embark on a journey of discovery of Antarctica and break the ice with mechanics and engineering!
  •  With 350 components, the child can build 20 models of vehicles for exploring Antarctica, including the lorry, snowplough, tractor, hovercraft and many more.
  •  The lorry has a tractor and a pivoted trailer, a tower with orientable crane, a rack-and-pinion steering system and an adjustable front blade... for incredible adventures in the ice!
  •  The incredible Mechanics Laboratory app, with its 3D interactive instructions, makes building the models easy and fun.
  •  The illustrated manual guides the child in building the models, introducing them to the basics of physics, engineering and mechanics.
  • A scientific kit to explore the world of space engineering in an easy and fun way
  • 2 dynamic models - a transformable rover and an incredible space station, with which to cross the new frontier of fun
  • Contains 130 interchangeable components including: bars, gears, shafts, rims and tyres
  • This incredible technology laboratory helps you get closer to the world of mechanics and engineering as you build a powerful Monster Truck!
  • This kit contains more than 200 components to be assembled, including: differential, rack-and-pinion steering and Cardan joint. You can discover and build 10 fantastic and dynamic models!
  • Thanks to the illustrated manual, your child will be guided step-by-step through the building of 10 different models as they discover the fundamentals of mechanics and engineering.
  • A truly complete scientific kit to discover the secrets of these powerful two and four-wheeled vehicles.
  • 2 dynamic models can be built: a dragster and a roadster, and transmission mechanisms can also be checked.
  • Contains more than 130 interchangeable components including: gearbox, gears, rims, tyres, elastics, bars, brushes, sheaves and pins.
  • In addition to the assembly instructions, a sheet with lots of scientific information on aerodynamics and the mechanics of internal combustion engines.
  •  An extensive laboratory which introduces children to the world of engineering and mechanics.
  •  Prepare for fantastic adventures and discover the secrets of how transmission mechanisms work with these 10 models you can build, including the fantastic jeep!
  •  Contains more than 200 components, including:differential, rack, drive unit, flat and conical toothed cogs, tyres and wheel rims.
  •  The illustrated manual contains instructions for assembling each of the models and lots of other more detailed information about engineering and mechanics.
  •  Try building the models using the free app from the Mechanics Laboratory which will guide you step-by-step through assembly using animations and interactive 3D models.
  • An extensive science kit for discovering the principles of hydrodynamics and naval engineering in a simple and entertaining way!
  •  Build the seaplane and hydroplane and plunge into an ocean of adventure as you discover the secrets of naval engineering!
  •  Contains more than 130 pieces, including: adjustable ailerons, paddles which actually turn and a transmission module.
  • A scientific kit to recreate a real amusement park, challenge the laws of physics and discover mechanics in an easy and fun way!
  •  With over 200 components you can create 20 models including the motor-driven observation wheel, the carousel and other crazy attractions! A further 30 applications to be discovered online.
  •  With the incredible Mechanics Laboratory app and its 3D interactive instructions, assembling the models becomes even simpler.
  •  The detailed illustrated manual will guide you in building the models in an engaging and fun way.
  • An incredible new laboratory which helps you to understand how big transport trucks work and come into contact with principles of mechanics and engineering.
  • Including more than 200 components,with a differential, cogs, rods, panels andlots more, to construct 10 fantastic moving models: from trucks with real steering and a grip for transporting tree trunks to a tipping trailer, from a mining truck to a fantastic new vehicle with a real functioning crane!
  • A comprehensive illustrated manual guides the child step by step in constructing the models and teaches the basics of mechanics, engineering and how levers and gears work.
  • A scientific kit to discover the secrets of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics
  • Featuring two dynamic models of a three-rotor helicopter and airboat to build, children can discover the way transmission mechanisms work
  • Contains more than 130 interchangeable components including: gearbox, gears, bars, propellers, pins.
  • In addition to assembly instructions, a sheet with lots of interesting facts about the physics of flight and nautical engineering.