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  •  With this unique science kit, you can create fantastic jewels and crystal gems!
  •  Use this extensive laboratory to create beautiful coloured crystals that you enclose in precious gem- and diamond-shaped charms…for truly original jewellery!
  •  The illustrated manual helps your children through the various experiment stages as they discover the secrets of chemistry and reactions involving salts.


  • Grow 3 Beautiful Crystal Formations
  • Perform 3 Crystal Experiments
  • Learn about Crystalline Habitats and Crystal Structures
  • S.T.E.M- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • Age 10 and Up


  • A kit for astonishing chemistry experiments! A laboratory for aspiring scientists to create over 180 experiments and discover the secrets of chemistry in total safety.
  •  The kit contains plenty of substances to experiment with astonishing chemical reactionsand recreate incredible effects!
  •  All the experiments are described by means of images accompanied by clear and detailed explanations, and are gathered in an instruction manual that turns chemistry into a super-enjoyable game.
  •  Made in Italy.
  • A fantastic self-assembly Hotrod to speed off on fantastic adventures!
  •  A set of over 130 components for building 2 car models that run thanks to a pull-back mechanism.
  •  The instruction manual helps the children build the models and introduces them to the basic principles of mechanics and engineering.
  •  With the free app, there are lots of other applications to discover and build!
  • With this truly unique scientific kit, finding out about the wonders of physics becomes easy and great fun!
  • A science lab packed with special pieces and accessories offering lots of playing options where kids can experiment with gravity, forces and levers.
  • The illustrated manual will guide the little players as they attempt increasingly difficult tasks, entertaining them as they learn!
  • It comes with some scales, a hammer pendulum, slides, towers and lots of other pieces for kids to grow in knowledge as they build ingenious compositions.
  • More than 120 Components
  • CREATE CHAIN REACTIONS - Build the track, then watch the marble go as you experiment with the physics of gravity, forces and levers. 
  • SHAPE YOUR DESIGN - Build the track your own unique way.Build a versatile track using the interlocking system that allows you to use your imagination as you can create incredible reactions in a variety of ways, all designed by you.
  • USE THE ACCELERATOR to propel the balls on the circuit and defy the laws of gravity with the Looping!
  • USE YOUR SURROUNDINGS - For even more fun, you can incorporate what’s around you to make your creation that much better. Use books, shoeboxes, furniture or anything you can find around your house to both build on top of and pass through to make bigger and better tracks.
  • THE MANUAL will guide you step by step to create your first circuits.
  • MORE THAN 50 PIECES - This Starter set features 50+ pieces in the box, for you to make plenty of choices about ways to design the type of track you want.
  • This innovative intelligent robot guides your children through the process of learning mathematics, arithmetic and geometry following government guidelines.
  • It introduces your child to design using the precision motors which enable them to create geometric shapes and designs of varying complexity with extreme precision.
  • This incredible robot can be programmed manually or by voice using the innovative voice recognition function.
  • With the Arithmetic chart, Mind can be programmed to carry out arithmetical functions, while using the Escape Room chart, your child will be encouraged to solve quests and develop skills in logical thinking.
  • An extremely well-equipped laboratory where the principles of mechanics and engineering can be learned in an entertaining way.
  • The game contains more than 250 components with which 50 constructions of increasing complexity can be created.
  • It is even possible to build a helicopter, a motorised crane and a car with an electric engine in which a child can move the gear stick and steering wheel!
  • The large illustrated scientific manual will guide the child through the various stages of assembly, which can done in complete safety.
  • The concept, design, development and manufacture are entirely Made In Italy!
  • Discover the secrets of aerodynamics with Mechanics Lab - Aeroplanes and Helicopters!
  • A scientific kit for discovering and experimenting with the mechanics of flight.
  • With 10 models and 200 components to assemble, including: rods for assembling the nacelles, panels, propellers, cogs, pulleys and universal joints.
  • The illustrated manual will show your child how to assemble the various models... for endless hours of fun!
  • A scientific kit to explore the world of space engineering in an easy and fun way
  • 2 dynamic models - a transformable rover and an incredible space station, with which to cross the new frontier of fun
  • Contains 130 interchangeable components including: bars, gears, shafts, rims and tyres
  • This incredible technology laboratory helps you get closer to the world of mechanics and engineering as you build a powerful Monster Truck!
  • This kit contains more than 200 components to be assembled, including: differential, rack-and-pinion steering and Cardan joint. You can discover and build 10 fantastic and dynamic models!
  • Thanks to the illustrated manual, your child will be guided step-by-step through the building of 10 different models as they discover the fundamentals of mechanics and engineering.
  • Speed off into the world of Formula 1 with this incredible laboratory!
  • Make 10 racing car models from the more than 200 interchangeable components.
  • Have fun creating from a Formula 1 car with functioning steering wheel, adjustable rear spoiler and rear wheels that can be operated via a differential.
  • The manual helps your child through the component assembly steps and guides them as they discover the secrets of mechanics and engineering.
  • The concept, design, development and manufacture are entirely Made In Italy!
  • An incredible new laboratory which helps you to understand how big transport trucks work and come into contact with principles of mechanics and engineering.
  • Including more than 200 components, with a differential, cogs, rods, panels andlots more, to construct 10 fantastic moving models: from trucks with real steering and a grip for transporting tree trunks to a tipping trailer, from a mining truck to a fantastic new vehicle with a real functioning crane!
  • A comprehensive illustrated manual guides the child step by step in constructing the models and teaches the basics of mechanics, engineering and how levers and gears work.
  • A perfect kit to discover the principles of hydrodynamic and marine engineering in an easy and fun way
  • With over 130 components between bars, pulleys, panels and more
  • It will really be fun to recreate the 2 dynamic models: the trimaran, with adjustable sail and rudder that really move, and a fantastic water motorcycle to ride the wave of fun
  • The illustrated manual accompanies the child in the assembly phase and brings it closer to the world of mechanics.
  • A scientific kit to discover the secrets of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics
  • Featuring two dynamic models of a three-rotor helicopter and airboat to build, children can discover the way transmission mechanisms work
  • Contains more than 130 interchangeable components including: gearbox, gears, bars, propellers, pins.
  • In addition to assembly instructions, a sheet with lots of interesting facts about the physics of flight and nautical engineering.
  • A unique scientific kit which allows you to assemble a real robot! Have fun programming its movements and invent exciting challenges with your friends!
  • Equipped with an innovative ultrasound sensor, it can detect distance from objects, enabling the robot to avoid obstacles in its way, while with its magnetic arm it can pick up metal obiects.
  • The kit includes a rich variety of interchangeable components allowing you to transform the robot the way you want it.
  • The illustrated scientific manual provides a wealth of information about electronics so you can become a real robotics expert!